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Hey guys, it has truly been a while and I’m glad I’m back. With exams now out of the way its time to blog.

Ooh yeah, let’s talk about the anime I watched this week. I figured I will post these “what I’ve watched this week” posts every friday, in which I will review the episodes of different shows I just happened to watch that week. Its an idea that just came up so let’s see how it goes.

MHA s3 ep20: “special episode: Save the world with love!”

This special episode was rather random in that I really didn’t expect it to just be there, especially after a massive cliffhanger from the previous episode. I was more than ready to see how Midoriya and the other soon-to- be semi-heroes, go up against Gang-Orca while rescuing civilians at the same time.

The hero provisional liscence exam arc has really turned out to be fun. so I really did not see a need for the filler, but I am not completely against it because the apparent love filled episode was actually kind of fun.

As usual Midoriya’s smart thinking is impressive as I never would’ve thought of such a scenario in a thousand years. Anyway the episode was pretty good and actually kind of relaxing but still unforgivable after leaving us waiting for a continuation of the provisional license exam. But I understand they also had to promote the movie which I cannot wait to see ๐Ÿ˜Œ.

Overlord s1 ep1-2

Before you say it, yes I have just recently started watching overlord. Thanks to a friends recommendation actually and from what I have seen from the first two episodes is impressive. I already fell in love with the story line, probably because I have ways dreamt of getting stuck in a game; preferably Minecraft ๐Ÿ˜. So I love the idea of Momonga trapped inside this world trying to figure out how, but also live as the supreme leader of the guild.

I’m looking forward to continuing this show, it looks great and is in its third season so that’s a great sign. If you have already seen the first two seasons, tell me, do you like it?

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Deku Kicks โœŠ

Hey guys, sorry its been a hot minute since i last posted anything mainly because of school work. Got a few exam papers to go then after those i will get back to posting. College problems lol.

I did get a chance to watch the latest episodes of my hero academia during one of my study breaks, and all i can say is its awesome. After the huge battle in hosu, i am glad that we can get back to some good old UA craziness as the school continues to put the students through intense training for their provisional licenses. I have a feeling the hero license arc is going to be an epic one. Midoriya kicks now, that was an awesome development as he is no longer imitating everything about all might and now we can see the power of Deku.

Bye for now, i will also do my best to break down this wall we call college Plus ultra

Seven Deadly Sins- Revival of the commandments-Episode 23 REVIEW

who doesn’t love Merlin right?

Man this week’s episode was awesome. Some great moments from the onset as we welcome back Meliodas from the dead. But some of his peers realize that something is off about him. He has returned twice as powerful as he was before his death and he came back with some dubiousness and an unusual vibe in his character. this is great because we have one more episode till the end of the season and i can’t wait for the new Meliodas to whoop the commandments. Although there are some things that aren’t new like his groping but i was stunned when Elizabeth actually wanted more. its about time ey? hahaha

meli and eli …melieli ๐Ÿ˜‰

i like that we got some explanations about Merlin’s character. i always guessed she was a badass but she was pretty much always that side character who saved the day only when it was needed but now that we got to a short story about her power and why she spends time in her lab. The battle of Fraudrin and the two great holy knights was pretty short but well executed and i marvelled at that huge monstrosity Fraudrin became:


I can’t wait for the next episode, have a really good feeling about it.

i hope you liked this little rant about episode 23 of nanatsu no taizai- imashime no fukkatsu.

Comment who your favourite character is and who you think is the most powerful of the sins.

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Tokyo Ghoul:re Season Finale ep 12, Review

First of all, i would like to say after long last welcome back Ken Kaneki. This episode was great for me because i had been waiting to see Haise lose it and see Kaneki’s expressionless character after watching the emotional Haise Sasaki all season.

Sure they didn’t give us the fight i was expecting between Arima and kaneki, which i expected to go down in full at the end but we were given just a short clip of Kaneki and Arima clashing. I really wanted to see and hopefully will eventually.

We finally got to see Eto too, who has been a mystery since tokyo ghoul begun in the first season and tokyo ghoul root A. The reveal that she was the daughter of the old man who used to run Anteiku was also an epic thing to find out, if it was already revealed or obvious then i must have missed it lol. Eto chasing kaneki around the building as the one eyed owl was deadass creepy. Lets not forget the sad death of Kanae. Which you could say was actually the best moment of his life as he got to finally embrace master shou and save him.

Seeing Kaneki rip her in half just emphasized just how strong our boy is. But that also leaves the question: How strong is the grimm reaper himself Kisho Arima? That is what i want to know and hopefully we will get to see in a new season of tokyo ghoul:re.

As is the case with the previous Tokyo ghouls, they always seem to leave us with loads of questions like how did Mr Tsukiyama escape, why do they need Shirazu’s body, whats the deal with the girl with the camera, what the hell is that thing on Shirazu’s sister’s face etc . There is so much they could have covered but like i said above, in he next season of tokyo ghoul:re i hope they can adress such questions which make the show feel like its lacking somewhere.

I understand the dissapointment this episode brought to a lot of manga readers mostly caused by the cutting of a lot of potential material that could have been adapted but wasnt. A concern i hear alot is about the animation in which it was adapted. I personally have not read the manga for tokyo ghoul so as a anime only individual for this show i found it on its own pretty good and i will have to agree that i also found the animation rather messy throughout the show but hopefully this break will allow the studio to relax and improve on the quality of production.

Neverthlessness that did not take away the epicness of this episode which along with the music and voice acting was great and the it is the best episode all season of Tokyo ghoul:re. I will miss the opening theme which really gets you pumped for some ghoul killing action to come. All i can say now to the show is thank you for the sad little awakening story.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. Comment on what you thought of the episode and bye for now.

Nanatsu no taizai; imashime no fukkatsu Episode 20-21 Review


[spoilers] The battle between the dragon’s sin of wrath Meliodas of the seven deadly sins versus the ten commandments his old comrades is revealed. The commandments really went to the extreme in killing the captain right in the eyes of all his companions and none of them could do anything to stop Estarossa, the commandment of love. Despite Ban’s best efforts he only managed to kill Melascula but that was not enough enough to save his dear captain.



what was more heart aching was that in the end he lost both Meliodas and presumably Elaine but episode 21 hints that she may still be alive thanks to the presence of Great holy knight Zaratras. I love the mind games this show always seems to love using where i really thought the good guys were wining only for the tables to turn and everything basically went to shit for the good guys and the demons got the upper hand. the intense emotion given off by Elizabeth in seeing her dare i say soul-mate lying dead on the ground with 7 swords in his chest was absolutely grim and sad. i almost thought for a moment the show would go all crazy and Meliodas would wake up to her tears or somethingย clichรฉ like that. An epic battle come to an epic climax with an sad but epic ending is what i can say about this episode.

maxresdefault (1)

Episode 21, starts off with the rest of Meliodas’s comrades fighting off the commandment’s invasion of Britannia, minus Merlin who is apparently chilling in her lab and Gowther who is locked up because of fear that he may have been involved with the commandments. we get to see how Elizabeth is coping with the death and her hope for Meliodas’s return.


I thought the vision and backstory holy knight Zaratras showed Elizabeth was a strong point for the show, as the bond between Meliodas and Elizabeth is the main reason Meliodas found meaning for living. Especially her you know…


So now its time to continue the adventure in episode 22 which i will get round to watching very soon in hopes for the return of the serial groper and the light of the seven deadly sins. before we go that cliffhanger was intense, it ends with Escanor confronting Estarossa, full of pride as always with that badass statement


lets just take a moment to reflect on why we love escanor the lion’s sin of pride. Dude is just epic every time he shows up in his huge form.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 21 [English Sub Available on my Channel]

Thanks for reading my thoughts, do comment on what you thought of the two episodes and any advice on my writing will be appreciated and help me become a better ani-blogger. I enjoy using a lot of pictures in my blogs, i think it makes the reading experience more fun, what do you think?

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United states of SMASH. Boku No Hero Academia S3 episode 11 (ep 49 overall) REVIEW

All eyes on All Might. Spoiler alert if you havnt seen episode 11 of season 3. You have been warned lol.

Dammnnn the latest episode of boku no hero just has to be one of the best epsiodes i have seen this year all anime considered. I love how All Might was spurred on by the citizens and took one for all to its absolute limits. We finally get a glimse of All Mights successor Nana Shimura, and young All might and Gran Torina. This little treat showed us All might’s conviction and how similar he was to Midoriya. It really brings greater understanding as to why All might chose Midoriya to receive the power.

All Might as always continues to give off that spectacular vibe of shear awesomeness even as we see him in his most beat up state since the series begun. All Might giving us all his got really made the experience all the more epic with his “united states of smash” as his last super punch.

I absolutely loved the episode and its themes of perseverance and dare i say it, Plus Ultra โœŠ. I believe they gave All Might a fitting end as the symbol of peace he came in punching and leaves punching his way through any wall with a smile.

As we say goodbye to one for all in the hands of All Might it is now time to see how Midoriya handles it, having watched One for All being used for its purpose. All for one will be back of course. Until then we clench our fists and watch Midoriya as All might points to him that it is his turn.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now….

All for one Vs One for all ||Boku no hero academia Episode 48 Review

Ah yes, my hero academia sure knows how to build up tension then give us a power packed smashing episode.

This episode was done well, we got to finally see the symbol of peace and symbol of evil battle it out as brief as it may have been. It mostly focused on trying to save Bakugo of course and we got to see more of Midoriya’s quick thinking and a lot more of the other pro-heros who we barely see in the show.

All for one, the symbol of evil only reveals himself to save Tomura and his collegues. As soon as All for one shows up you just know this dude is straight up terrifying. Midoriya even decribes it as a presence so evil they had visions of their death. Even though he lost most of the quirks he stockpiled he was still at par with All Might showing just how powerful this guy is. I applaud the way they handled All for one’s entrance woth the epic choir music which really emphasizes the dark sinister theme he symbolizes. You never go wrong with a mix if choirs and orchestras.

Once again they leave us with another massive cliff hanger as we hear Gran Torino say that “All Might has reached his limit” after he gives All for one, a massive emotion filled punch. Scene cuts with AFO laughing. ( hella dramatic ๐Ÿ˜Ž).

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