New: What i’ve watched this week [26th Aug – 1st Sept] 💃

Hey guys, it has truly been a while and I'm glad I'm back. With exams now out of the way its time to blog. Ooh yeah, let's talk about the anime I watched this week. I figured I will post these "what I've watched this week" posts every friday, in which I will review the... Continue Reading →

Deku Kicks ✊

Hey guys, sorry its been a hot minute since i last posted anything mainly because of school work. Got a few exam papers to go then after those i will get back to posting. College problems lol. I did get a chance to watch the latest episodes of my hero academia during one of my... Continue Reading →

Very First Anime i Watched

Hey guys, You may have heard of the 30 day anime challenge. Firstly i am not participating in it, but i was checking out a blogger who is, shout out to Jon Spencer reviews. I recommend you check out his site So i was reading his posts and then got interested in the first... Continue Reading →

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